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Content marketing: STOP doing “more of the same”

Make no mistake: the CMI’s latest report into America’s B2B content marketing habits makes pretty depressing reading.

For me, the shocking part is how exactly half the respondents scored their content marketing 3 out of 5. Ask how well they’re doing, and they basically shrug their shoulders. That’s not great, when content marketing eats well over a quarter of most B2B marketing budgets – and it’s rising fast.

And where’s all this money going? How are they fixing the problem? Churning out more STUFF. Eight out of ten organisations are producing MORE CONTENT.

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What a load of nonsense

There’s no doubt: the nature of social media marketing is changing fast – and many people think the traditional go-to networks are no longer delivering for B2B marketers.

Everywhere you look, there are blogs posts and surveys pouring cold water on the ability of social media to generate a return on your investment, or using falling organic reach and engagement rates as an excuse to write off the whole social revolution as a fad and a waste of time. And as a result there is some uncertainty amongst clients.

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Inbound Rubbish!

Inbound, content-based marketing is hot. Much has been said about it.  Much of it is misleading. In fact a great deal is rubbish. But there is much to be gained from doing it right.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations with clients about this subject which prompted me to share some thoughts. Yes, inbound is ‘FREE’, Yes, it needs content. But there are some harsh realities to be aware of to take advantage of the inbound marketing ‘gold rush’. There is a need to sort the truth from the rubbish:

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Like, Land, Love…3 steps to social media heaven

Measuring social media can be like nailing jelly to the wall. Seriously, numerous social media conversations end with ‘how can I demonstrate the ROI?’ It begs the question, whether the right metrics are being measured in the first place.

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In defence of the CMO

Have you heard? CMOs are out, and the “hot” new title is Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO). Well, if I was a CMO, I’d be pretty hacked off about that. And here’s why.

It’s not so much that the rise of the CMTO devalues Chief Marketing Officer as a title, and with it all the work that great CMOs have put in to establishing Marketing as a proactive and accountable voice within their organisations. (Though that’s true.)

It’s not even the fact that CMOs – juggling data, statistics, strategy and creative – have a hard enough job as it is, without being handed a brand new inferiority complex and told to rebrand themselves. (Though that’s also the case.)

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